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World Trade Center Moscow is scheduled to host the 43rd
World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) General Assembly
in September 2012.

WTCA General Assembly is the annual event of the Association which gathers representatives from nearly all World Trade Centers around the Globe, State authorities,
Chambers of Commerce and Industry,
business community and associations of entrepreneurs.

WTC Moscow hosts the WTCA General Assembly
for the first time in the modern history of Russia.

WTC Moscow is a uniform architectural ensemble with a total area of 270 000 m2 that comprises 3 office towers with a total area of 109 400 m2, Congress Center with a surface space
of 6000 m2, Crowne Plaza Moscow WTC hotel for 724 rooms (including Luxury styled 149 premium class club rooms)
and “Mezhdunarodnaya-2” apartment hotel with the floor area
of 48 900 m2, automated multilevel parking lot for over 2000 vehicles.

About Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful cities.

The first recorded reference to Moscow in the chronicles dates from 1147. The historic capital of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, Soviet Russia and the Russian Federation - Moscow is one of global cities, making a significant contribution to world civilization.

Moscow is the largest megalopolis of Russia and Europe with the population of over 10 million people. Moscow holds the leading position in Russia’s economic, political and cultural life. It is an official residence of the RF President, Russian Government,


About St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg was founded
in 1703 by Russian Emperor Peter the Great and rightfully holds
a unique position in Russian history.
Its construction was carried out by the most talented architects of the time — Rossi, Benois, Rastrelli and many others.
St. Petersburg is a variety of squares, palaces, mansions, which allows us to consider the city as
a single and unique ensemble.
The layout and the plan of the historic center of St. Petersburg are preserved as they were 100 — 200 years ago.

St. Petersburg is justifiably called the cultural capital of Russia.


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